Thursday, 25 March 2010

Almost there!

A very quick catch up to bring things up to date.

My last chemo is due on 6th April, last two have been delayed through having low blood cells but I do hope that this last one will happen on time. I'm making sure I get sleep and rest and generally looking after myself by eating well etc so fingers crossed.

I've been working on a recipe mini book for Ann in the Scrapsville swap. I haven't done a video of it this time (I need to sort out my microphone as there's too much hissing noise), but here's some photos. Thanks very much to Hon for the lovely chipboard embellies you send me to finish it off :)

Here's a few more things I've been working on lately - a Suzibluesque picture ...

A little wall hanging made from a beer mat.

I should be going back to work in about 3/4 weeks - I am actually looking forward to regaining some normality at last :)