Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hope Rocks with Lille Diane :)

Haven't updated for a while, it's been a busy time. Today though I have some important news. A friend of mine in the USA, Lille Diane has started a wonderful initiative called "Hope Rocks" it's all about passing on a little hope in the form of a rock, annonymously, to anyone who may need it. I'm not explaining this very well am I, lol? Look, the best way you can find out about this wonderful project is to visit Lille's blog here

Today I collected my pebbles from Jennycliff Beach, it was a beautiful day. Joe wanted to stride off to the other side of the beach so I sat and sketched for a while.

Health wise things aren't so great at the moment. I'm back in hospital to see another consultant on Thursday as I now have a 10cm cyst on my ovary, more worrying times ahead. The timing couldn't be worse as I'm only 3 months of my final exam for my degree, I so want to finish and graduate this year.

Anyway ... back to Hope Rocks ... here are some pics I've taken of my work in progress.