Friday, 16 April 2010

I'm done :)

Thankfully the journey has now come to an end. Well the first leg of it at least. I received my last chemo on 6th April. The PICC line was also removed so, all in all, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now. It's lovely to be able to soak in the bath without the plastic flipper on (the big plastic cover that kept the PICC line bandages dry). I had an absolutely wonderful time soaking in bubbles reading a good book ... it was BLISS!

I've currently got a cold and wasn't able to return to work on Tuesday as I'd hoped. The Doc says I should get rid of it and go back on Monday. I'm looking forward to going back but I bet that feeling won't last too long once I'm back :) it'll probably feel like I've never been away ... well I hope so anyway :)

This has been an amazing journey. I've discovered so much about myself, my tolerance levels, the things which really matter in life and things which really I shouldn't sweat about. I've discovered that women are incredibly strong creatures and that when are backs are up against the wall we will fight for one another until the bitter end. I have met a wondeful community of spiritual sisters, people who have helped me through this very painful process who have lead the way as other have before for them. Thoughout all of this, the one thing that sticks in my mind the most is the incredibly healing power of friendship and love. I am truly blessed to have had some amazing women alongside me on this. I will be eternally grateful.

Have been creating but haven't managed to finish any projects yet but watch this space - pics coming soon.

In the meantime when I light a candle for people I send them my thoughts, my good intention my wishes ... here is my space of hope for all of you who need it.