Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mini book for Cathy

Had a few bummer days yesterday and today. Had the PICC line put in and it went OK on the second attempt. First one I really jumped as she hit a nerve and it made my arm spasm - very odd feeling like bad pins and needles in a quick burst - very strange. It was a long, stressful day waiting for xrays, rebandaging as it leaked for a while and when I got home I was totally exhausted. Anyway the line's in now so that's that stress over.

Went for my chemo today and had to come home again as my platelets are too low to have it so they've deferred it a week. I was 85 and I need to be over 100 to have it. Now I need to rest and stay away from any bugs for a week so that I'm OK for next week.

To console myself I came home and worked on Cathy's mini book which you can see here. I hope she likes it.


Lille Diane said...

Ask as many questions as you want to. It's your body and your right. I have you tucked in the pink bubble of love, peace, and joy. Close your eyes and feel all of our hugs. There's tons of us who Love you! <3

nollyposh said...

She will most certainly ~Love~ that... so much work and ~Heart~ put into it X:-)

Sorry to hear of your setbacks X:-( But hopefully things will run more smoothly for you now (((hugz)))

(Ps) HaPPy Valentinez Day x

Cathy said...

Dee - I LOVE the album thank you so much. I have sent you a pm. Cathy xxx

Darcy said...

ooo how clever are you making a video, I wouldn't know where to start and I don't have a lovely voice like you lol I have the very stereotypical northern cloth cap and whippets type voice hahaha

I love,love the