Sunday, 10 April 2011

Home from hospital at last

... and it feels so good. You know what hospitals are like I'm sure, I didn't sleep a wink. I was on Norfolk ward at Derriford which, I have to say, was a nice ward and quieter than most but at night you are aware of every movement and I couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried. The operation took place on Wednesday morning (6th April), I was the first on Mr Scott's list. I didn't have a normal laproscopy because the cyst was too big in the end (although he didn't say how big he intimated that it was about 15cms). Instead they made one larger cut on my bikini line. Unfortunately the cyst burst as they were trying to remove it so now I'm left hoping and praying that it wasn't cancerous. I think they get the pathology report back in two weeks but I don't see Mr Scott until 4 weeks time. The waiting is the pits, it's definitely the hardest bit. Still it's done now, at least I'm a step further down the road and hopefully I still stand a chance of sitting my final exam on 4th May. I'm still quite uncomfortable at the moment but I'm signed off work for a month so hopefully I'll soon start to feel more comfortable and able to revise. It will be so good to move on from this. I hope and pray that finally I'll be able to leave cancer behind me for good.


Helen said...

Hope you are resting and relaxing and good luck with the revision.