Thursday, 17 December 2009

OK it's time to bring things up-to-date I guess.

I had a mastectomy done on the 21st September and I was in hospital for 4 days. The operation itself took about 3 hours I think (I know it was dusk when I came round). My hospital stay wasn't too bad, I had my own room but that was because my surgeon uses a heat wrap around the body which helps with the healing so the room has to be temperature controlled. It was so nice to have my own space though.

I had drains in my breast for about 2 days and when they took those out there was just a light dressing. I did have a quick look at my breast on the day I left the hospital but it was a quick glance. It was about two weeks before I actually looked at it properly. I was shocked at just how much they'd taken away (and I'm small breasted). Strangely (perhaps) I didn't really get upset - I accepted it had gone quite easily.

Bringing things up-to-date now, I've just had my first chemotherapy session on 4th December. That was the most upsetting thing of all because my surgeon initially thought I may not need chemo. I was terribly upset when the oncologist said that I would need it. I had it delayed a few times due to a chest infection - maybe that was me trying to delay the inevitable. The first one went well, no nausea or sickness. I'm using the cold cap to try and keep my hair but this morning a lot more than normal came out. I've also begun to get acid indigestion really badly and last night I was doubled up in pain and sick with it. My next chemo session isn't due until 29th December so at least I'll be able to have a nice Christmas without worrying too much.

I am beginning to accept that I may lose my hair I think. That's been the worst bit to come to terms with so far. There's no guarantee that the cold cap will work and if I start to thin noticably then I guess I'm going to have to have my head shaved. It's so hard to accept now that my hair has grown down to my waist. Stupid really, you'd think I'd be worrying about the bigger picture. Forgive my indulgence but I had to record this time when I have my long hair, my only saving grace. One day it may be all I have. I can't dwell on it but I just want to record it. Oh yeah, and you can see softie boobs actually don't look so bad :-) Can you tell which one I've had off?


Felicia said...

Hi Dee, this is Felicia from Suziland - i followed the link to your blog. I'm at i love those flowers you made, really cool.
Is it snowing there? it is here - no one knows how to drive in the snow and the country grinds to a halt!
Ok, wishing you well, gotta go xx

Dee said...

Yeah it's snowing here :-) we are totally unprepared for it too. Schools are closing, nobody can get to work and all because a bit of white fluffy stuff, lol.

Lille Diane said...

I can't tell which one. But I can tell you have a spirit bigger than any I've ever seen. Thank you for posting from your heart.