Thursday, 7 January 2010

Here's a few more of my creative offerings that I've been doing over the Christmas period.

A few more pages added to my Soul Journal. This one about breast cancer.

and this one is still a work in progress but so far talks about creating art, acceptance and it also records a news item I saw on TV about soldier who lost three limbs and the man who saved him lost his life - the news item made me realise how lucky I am.


lynn.duxon said...

Dee, the jewellery is beautiful :) x

kreativekandy said...

I think you are beautiful and brave.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. My husband had cancer four years ago. Stay strong and know that you are not alone.
Jane Dewitt

Artyjen said...

Hi Dee thanks for leaving a comment! I live in the other famous fishing place just up the coast ;) not Plymouth! Keep positive by the best friend had her breast removed 3 years ago..still here still strong! As she said herself it's only a lump of flesh and I'd rather it was removed than keep it!! Such a positive person....your art I am sure will be a wonderful way to make your life whole.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee!
I love the jewellery and the journal pages - I really love the colour schemes so much. I am having trouble with pallettes at the moment.


nollyposh said...

Hi Dee X:-) So lovely to mEEt you <3

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi Dee and Happy New Year. Your blog is gorgeous. If you have time and like travelling, please visit my travelling blog: which is in English and in Greek. Kind regards. Philip

Sally said...

Hey Dee - tried to watch the CJ slideshow you posted on UKS, but no joy, so thought I would pop here instead! Lovely jewellry - the blue bracelet is lush!

Helen said...

Dee the jewellery is gorgeous, you are a very talented lady!!

kreativekandy said...

The jewelry is lovely Dee. I hope you are doing okay and taking care of yourself. There's a great online class with Pam Carriker called shades of gray you might like. I took it and loved it. check it out.
Be well and stay strong.

Karen said...

Hi Dee, thank you for leaving your kind comment on my blog, it was appreciated :)

I love your jewellery and the journal pages are gorgeous. I love all the tones of pink used and how you have written your journalling :)

I wish you well and lots of positive vibes coming your way for good health xx