Thursday, 28 January 2010

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Well I'm now over half way through my chemo. I'm about to have a pick line put in on the 8th February as my veins can't take any more needles - my hand swelled up during the last chemo and my arm was very bruised after the session. I'm not looking forward to having a permanent line in but they say it will be much easier on me. I hope they're right.

I've finally found out what all the fuss is about with regard to Twilight. I'm reading the book by Stephanie Meyer and, I must admit, I'm really enjoying it far more than I thought I would.

SuziBlu's workshops are still inspiring me to create - I'm really enjoying it and I've uploaded my work in progress.

For some reason I am totally fixated on Emmerdale at the moment. I can't believe that the character Sally can be so evil. I also love the coffee mugs in the vicars house :) wish I knew what type they were - they look like Poole Pottery.

I've been working on the Pass it Forward LO on UKS I'm intrigued to see how far from the original they will all be at the end.


Lil 'ol me said...

Half way done!!! YAY! You'll get through it hon! And look at you create! Way to go girl! I am going to a go explore L.A. with my brother today! Wish I could bring you along! xo

Lisa Ransom said...

Hi, saw that you've been reading twilight, glad you are enjoying it too, all the books in the saga are fab, book 3 is my fave, sending you lots of well wishes too x love the work on your blog

hope you can keep your smile going:-)

Lisa aka 3peaches

Anonymous said...

Half way through that is excellent! Every day now you will be closer to great health and I am so pleased.

Absolutely LOVE your Suzi pieces - the shading on the second one is fabulous and as for the clipboard, I want!!

I saw some of Emmerdale earlier before Judge Judy (legend) and I couldn't work out what was going on but it seemed well dodge haha! Two people doing something they oughtn'ta and the girl was up for more but the boy was like nooo. What's that all about?! They're not bro and sis are they? That's what entered my head but then I was high on coffee. said...

Hello Dee! I am so pleased you found my blog, and now I here I am on yours!
I am already up to scratch on your chemotherapy, but I am still sending you lots of hugs on here now as well as FB! I love reading, will have to try that one! Will visit again! suzie. xxx

Lille Diane said...

Loving the work you're doing while your body is doing it's lovely work, too. I admire your positive attitude. I have teeny tiny veins, too, so I know how challenging that can be. It will be easier on you using the port. I had one put in my clavicle once, and it made my life much better for continuous fluids going in. You are such an inspiration to all of us, Dee! oxoxoxox

nollyposh said...

Doncha just ~Love~ that Suzi Blu~zi X:-) and ~Love~ your art tOO x