Tuesday, 16 February 2010

2/3 of the way there now ... yippee!

Well 4th chemo done today - thank goodness. It's really nice to be able to start looking towards the future again. Up until now it feels like I've been stuck in limbo.

The PICC line's in and chemo was much easier through that ... no more needles. What a relief.

OK here's what I've been up to lately.

My latest SuziBlu doll. Her face isn't the prettiest but she's still kinda cool I think. You can't really see the iridescent paint in this but the H2Os really twinkle in the light. Maybe I'll take a pic outside tomorrow but it was raining today.

An example of the encaustic wax and friendly plastic ATCs I've been making lately.

A LO I did for UKS on change - I chose the seasons in my garden.

And last but certainly not least, I'd like to say thank you very much to those of you who have sponsored me on my Race For Life challenge which is taking place in June 2010. I am really touched by your support, thank you ever so much.

5 comments: said...

Hello Dee. It is a good feeling isn't it when you know that you only have a couple of sessions left! No more needles is good too! You start to feel like a human pin cushion after a while! I love your work and the suziblu is gorgeous! Re your question on my blog... no! I don't make those metal hearts. I am not that clever, but I wish I could! Suzie xxxx

Juliette Crane said...

super fun artwork. i love it! very inspiring. thank you for sharing!

Artyjen said...

Love the suziblu work you have done lately. :)

Lil 'ol me said...
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Lil 'ol me said...

Hey girl how are you!!! I just thought I would pop over and say hi!

I had to delete my last comment because obviously I never learned to spell in elementary school! HA!